About Us

Our company has experience more than 20 years in Vacuum coating systems production.

Nivetap start-up company is a Latvian producer of all types Vacuum Coating Systems for a wide variety of different applications (including metal deposition on any other metal).

We are able to produce automatized small R&D systems as well as full scale industrial systems for a mass production.  In addition, our systems are developed in such way that there is no need for additional labor (employee/ scientist) with specific knowledge for controlling and maintaining the system.

Our R&D team is also able possibility to design and manufacture specific tools and systems for wide variety of needs and demands from the scratch.

All products can be amended to meet high requirements and standards of specific industry.

The assortment of products and services we are offering is increasing rapidly.

Our vacuum Systems are used in leading Universities and R&D teams of high tech companies.

Moreover, right now we have developed a small vacuum coating system (Magnetron Sputtering method) for R&D departments which won a prize as a most innovative system among 50+ other companies.


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